The all-in-one
Diet Weight Control, Exercise, Cookbook and Nutrition Software program.

... Enter your personal details, and Santé will come up with a specific, detailed recommendation for how you can attain your specific goals - whether they be to lose pounds or bulk up!

"For the home user interested in nutrition, Santé is the best program we reviewed."


 "This was the favorite among the group we tried. Santé is well organized, has a wide range of features and doesn’t take a computer-science background to figure out."


 "Santé succeeds at collecting the minutiae involved in staying healthy into one handy program."


 "…this program would be a valuable asset to anyone, from dieter to jogger or underweight teenager to weight trainer."

Dan Holloway PCM

 " Santé is an outstanding software package that may be useful to dietetics practitioners, dietetics students, and consumers."


 "Very amiable, Santé (French for health) is the only program to include a computer-generated ideal-weight range along with your weight goal."

Matthew Segal MEN’S FITNESS

 "It manages to link two of the most confusing things on Earth, computers and nutrition, in an easy-to-use package."

Dave Murphy THE TIMES

 "Using Santé is like having a personal dietitian."


 "Santé is inspirational. I’m more conscientious about my diet, and I know I’m eating better now than before I installed Santé. After all, now I have a dedicated dietitian looking over my shoulder."

Karen Lee Siepak COMPUTE

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Stay Healthy and fit with the help of this powerful all-in-one program


What Sante Can Do for You!

Monitor Nutrition and control weight

Plan Menus quickly and easily

Add favorite foods and recipes

Analyze meals and recipes for nutrition and cost

Choose recipes by ingrediant

Adjusts recipes for any number of servings

Get a professional analysis of what you should do to attain weight goals

Track your exercise program day by day

See how many calories you would burn on nearly 200 exercises

Graph weight and calories for any length of time

Meet nutritional needs with a customized nutrient requirement graph

Display computed body mass index and ideal weight

 Compare food nutrient values

Generate comprehensive reports

Learn about easy substitutes and equivalents

Reference Food buying and storage tips!

A dietician, a weight control counselor, a personal
trainer and a cook in your PC!

With Sante, it's easy to take charge of your diet without resorting to pills, liquid diets, or stacks of diet books. Powerful easy to use software is ready to help you reach you fitness and health goals

The most complete food analysis program
you can buy.

Sante reports on specific foods, recipes or complete meals. You can get instant access to complete food nutrient data on 1000's of foods.

Sante Puts You in Charge

Add your own foods and recipes. Personalize your diet plan based on exercise, sex, age, height, weight and activity level. Sante is a flexible, use-friendly program designed to meet your unique needs! Important nutrient ratios and percentages are continually updated as meals are entered.

Track any number of meals, recipes,
added foods, costs, and people.

Pie chartRDA graphs and multiple (user configurable) reports. Colorful pie charts show calorie break-out of protein, carbohydrates, fats, and alcohol.


RDA Graph Weight control graphs and reports detail calories in/out and weight change recommendations based on user input of activities (with over 200 exercises to select from).


Weight Graph

Track your daily weight and calorie intake and exercise output by day, week or month!


You Are What You Eat! Sante checks each food you eat 29 essential nutrients. Plus, check vital fat, carbohydrate, protein and alcohol percentages


Cookbook features include:

  • Select recipe by ingredient

  • Add any number of your own recipes,

  • Adjust recipe sizes,

  • Substitutions & equivalents, Nutrition analysis,

  • Cooking terms,

  • Food buying & storage tips, and costing.


Complete Help file and Manual Guide

Extensive help information is included on program operation, health guidelines and details on the benefits of specific food nutrients, as well as a comprehensive user manual. Very easy to use.

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