Natural Health Encyclopedia™ Multimedia CD-ROM

by Dia Spriggs, World Renowned Health Author

Health Topics: 34 topics such as Anti-inflammatory, Anti-oxidant, Cancer, Glandular system, Hair, Metabolism, Neurological, Pediatrics, Reproductive, and Weight.




Herbs: over 100 most used herbs with more than 125 color photos. Botanical and common names, parts used, principal uses, dosages, nutritional content, chemical constituents, benefits, functions and warnings.

Vitamins/Minerals: deficiency symptoms, dosages, foods rich in, interactions, benefits, functions and warnings.

Amino Acids: protein essentials for good health and proper bodily functions, interactions, benefits, functions and warnings.

Miscellaneous Supplements and Articles of Interest: some of the most popular substances for health maintenance. Each topic may include dosages, foods that contain, interactions, benefits, functions, and warnings. Topics such as Algae, Bee Pollen, Bromelain, Chlorophyll, CoQ10, DHEA, Essential Fatty Acids, Essaic, FOS, Glucosamine Sulfate, Gums, Lactobacillus, Melatonin, Mushrooms, Octacosanol, Olive Oil, Pectin, Pregnenolone, Pycnogenol, Royal Jelly, Shark Cartilage, Tea Tree Oil and more.

Includes: integrated chemical properties and medical glossaries, extensive bibliography, help system, bookmarks, and more

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