Essentials of Homeopathy™ CD-ROM

By Bradley W. Kuhns, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Dipl.Ac. (NCCAOM), FIACA





What's in Essentials of Homeopathy:

Etiology, Pathology, Diagnosis, Abbreviations
The General Physical Examination
Food and Diet
Vitamins, Fasting, Urine, Blood Pressure
Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology
(cells, skeleton, muscles, circulation, respiration, digestion, excretions, nerves, brain, spine, glands, endocrine, membranes, senses, reproduction and more.)
Body Manipulation (the spine, mechanotherapy and tui-na massage.)
Additional Therapy Techniques (electrotherapy, spinal concussion, artificial light, and therapeutic exercises.)
Disease and Suggested Treatment (descriptions, signs and symptoms, pertinent causes, and suggested treatments for dozens of common problems.)


Quick Reference Guide

Word on Potency and Dose
Difference Between Serums and Nosodes. What are they?
Potency of Homeopathics
Tablets or Tincture, Which is Best?
The Number of Doses
Safeguards and Some Things to Avoid
What is the Trouble? What is the Remedy?
135 Every Day Remedies and Their Chief Characteristics
Your Medicine Chest
Homeopathic Questions often asked Dr. Kuhns.

Quick Reference Repertory

Over 470 Health Issues: Their Symptoms and Their Remedies.


Homeopathic Bio-Chemistry Salts

The Simple Logic of Dr. Kuhns' Bio-Chemic Theory
Bio-Chemistry Foreword
A Brief Outline of Dr. Schuessler's Tissue Salt Therapy
Selecting the Remedy
Changing the remedy
Cleansing the System
Correcting Past Errors
The Dose
The Time
Alternate Remedies
External Application
Stings, Insect Bites and Skin Irritations
More Effective in Hot Water
Therapeutical Indication of the Twelve Bio-Chemical Salts
27 Every Day Ailments (Symptoms and Salts Treatments)
Additional Questions About Use of Tissue Salts

Dr. Kuhns' Audio Lectures
Homeopathy and Your Health
A Homeopathic Medicine Quick List
Homeopathy and Common Herbs
Tissue Cell Salts and a Word on Theory
A Homeopathic Biochemistry Cell Salts Quick List


Also Includes:

Beautiful herb photos, fascinating anatomy photos and video, full-text search, help system, bookmarks that allow easy return to topics most often used and annotations for your special notes.



Dr. Kuhns

About the author:

Bradley Kuhns, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Dipl.Ac. (NCCAOM), FIACA. completed advanced studies in Oriental and Herbal Medicine and is a licensed acupuncturist physician and psychotherapist. He earned his degree as Doctor of Oriental Medicine from Samra University of Oriental Medicine, which is the oldest Oriental Medical University in the United States. Dr. Kuhns has also shared in the pioneering of specialized hypnotic techniques and is recognized as an authority in the fields of therapeutic and forensic hypnosis. He is recognized as a respected psychotherapist, bio-feedback therapist and an accomplished oriental medicine practitioner.

Dr. Kuhns has used and shared his approach and techniques of Homeopathic, Naturopathic, Oriental Medicine and Psychotherapy both in private practice and as an advisor and consultant to many professionals, stars, entertainers and well known personalities throughout the world. He is also author of several books relating to the health care field in such topics as Psychotherapy, Hypnosis, Homeopathic, Naturopathic and Oriental Medicine.

Dr. Kuhns has an extensive background in the human behavioral and health related fields. He has testified in court and/or acted as a consultant over the years in matters pertaining to his various fields of expertise.

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