Traditional Chinese Medicine

It includes:

  • Basic Principles

  • Clinical Experiences

  • Herbal Formulas

  • Medicinal Herb Groups

  • Materia Medica

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The Definitive Source on Traditional Chinese Medicine
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Basic Principles - Clinical Experiences - Herbal Formulas
 - Medicinal Herb Groups - Materia Medica (Example)


  • Comprehensive look at Chinese traditional medicine in terms of its holistic-philosophical outlook.

  • Frequent comparisons between the methodology of modern Western medicine and science and that of traditional Chinese medicine.

  • Text and diagrams on the interrelationship and clinical applications of the basic philosophical elements of traditional Chinese medicine such as yin and yang and the five elements.

  • Explanations of physiology, pathology, etiology, diagnostic methodology and syndrome differentiation as related to yang-fu (internal) organs and the channels and collaterals.

  • Extensive clinical experience in internal medicine, gynecology and pediatrics.

  • Characteristics and therapeutic methods for treating common diseases, with description of the disease, etiology, pathogenesis, syndrome differentiation, therapeutic principles, classification, treatment, experiential prescriptions and remarks which adjust for prescriptions exceptions and variations.

  • Detailed and essential information as required for the construction of herbal prescriptions on the respective properties, tastes, therapeutic functions and the directions of action on specific channels and collaterals of 322 most commonly used medicinal herbs; some herbs have color illustrations.

  • "Indications & Combinations" and "Cautions & Contraindications" provide empirical tips on how to combine two or more herbs to promote therapeutic effectiveness and minimize toxicity and how to avoid the neutralization of the curative effects or serious side effects of incompatible herbs.

  • 137 of the most effective and commonly used formulas with functions, indications, applications, herbs used, charts and detailed analyses of the causes and physical manifestations of the symptoms each formula is effective for and the curative contribution of each individual herb.

  • Formula modifications to account for symptoms variations.

  • Software features include powerful full-text search and photo zoom, extensive help system, tracking capability, printing, copying, bookmarking and annotations.


 Windows 3.1 or later. 4MB RAM recommended VGA or better display CD-ROM drive

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