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Not A Gum...Not a patch or a pill... Just a high tech weapon to combat nicotine addiction in a gradual sensible  manner.

Key Features

* Creates a personalized program based on your particular habit.

* Developed by Experts in smoking research and leading computer scientists

* Recommended by doctors, psychologists and health professionals

Smoking Realities:

In NY, smoking 2 packs a day costs $12. The same amount it would cost to lease a new Chevy 4x4 Blazer.

Saving $12.00 every day at 4% interest a year for 10 years, your money will grow to $53,851.00.

Lung cancer, which  accounted for approx. 157,400 deaths in 2001, would be a rare disease in a smoke free US.

 Popular Science: One of the  "100 Greatest Products and Achievements in Science and Technology."

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X Smoker's Success Stories



"I want to thank you for your assistance in my effort to quit smoking. I ordered and received your Quitkey Stop Smoking kit in January of 2001. After using your product and support system, I'm proud to say that I have successfully quit my 25+ year, one-pack a day smoking habit! After almost one year without a cigarette I'm convinced that I'm really quit! Success!

Please continue encouraging smokers to quit! I believe after using your system, I finally have the ability to remain smoke free and hopefully escape the illnesses that I have witnessed so many of my (smoking) family suffer from. Your system helps break the psychological bind of the smoking habit as the nicotine leaves your body freeing your from the physical dependency. Thanks to you, I can breathe!" Judith Fuller

"I'm finally free!!!  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!   I have never found a method of quitting that works, except for Quitkey!   Again, thank you for giving me back my life!"  Kelly Weitlauf

"With Quitkey, you're in control because the program is designed for you. You can't fool the computer and you can't fool yourself. It gives you the freedom to lead your life without worrying about when you should smoke."  Annie Kilkelly - Reston, Virginia.

"Thank you. What else can I say? 4 years ago I bought a Quitkey. I have been a non-smoker ever since. Never got jumpy, never gained weight. Instead, I became less jumpy and got more energy. Now, I'm one of those people who hates the smell of smoke. For all of this, I thank you. My children also thank you. Oh yeah, of course my husband who never smoked thanks you."  Peggy DeMarco - British Columbia, Canada

"I was glad to see your commercial again on television. All I wanted to say is I ordered your product 11 years a go and I stopped smoking first time around. I was a one pack a day smoker. At the time it seemed a lot of money just to try what was in my mind a "gadget" to stop smoking but this was the best investment I made for my self and my family."  Marjolaine Hebert

"Hi - Just wanted to tell you that I quit smoking 11 years ago with Quitkey and I think it is an incredible product. I wondered about it, because it
seemed to disappear for a while. I have told everyone I know about it, and it was a success for me. I did not have to use a patch, or pills, or gum, just
Quitkey. I have never smoked again and owe it all to Quitkey.   Thank you for such a super product!"   Debbie Garfield

"I've just discovered to my great delight that you are still in existance. I used life sign to quit smoking almost 6 years ago and always brag about it being the best way to quit but didn't know if you were still around. My sister-in-law is thinking of quitting and I'm very happy to be able to tell her that she could use Life-Sign too! I actually used your product to quit smoking twice (silly me). I smoked a pack and a half a day when I quit the first time and I quit for about a year an a half. It was stupid of me to start again and the only thing that I ever thought was that now I had to quit again! I turned to your product again and it worked for a second time! Like I said, it's been almost 6 years!    I had to write and say how greatful I am and how much I think that you have the best method of quitting smoking that I had ever tried in my 13 or so years of smoking. Hopefully I'll be getting you some more customers now that I know that your product is still available! Thank you so much for what you've done for me."  Laura Smith

"When I decided to quit smoking, I was afraid I would fail. I always had an excuse for smoking, but never had the right reasons for quitting until I just decided one day that enough was enough. Quitkey made the difference. Trying to quit cold turkey, which didn't work, I felt like a basket case [and] I put on 10 lbs in a week and a half. But with Quitkey I have taken off 4 lbs. Quitkey was the miracle I needed because it helped me quit and I have quit for good."   Mary Davis - Los Angeles, California

" I insist on sending you a few words. In the summer of 1992 I ordered the Quitkey from your company which I received at that time. I followed it to the letter and on the 25th day it called for one cigarette, it was my last one. After having smoked a pack and a half a day for 45 years, I haven't touched [cigarettes] since. I don't have to tell you how proud I am of myself! By the way, I am 73 years old so it wasn't easy because the cigarette was my best friend. But after a few weeks that passed and I feel great. Thank you very much!"   Bernie Bergeron - Ontario, Canada

" I am writing to tell you how happy I am to be a non-smoker thanks to Quitkey. In 1988 I sent for Quitkey after seeing it advertised on TV. Within 23 days after receiving it and smoking regularly for a week to set the unit, I was smoke-free. I had been turned down for life insurance due to being overweight, a smoker and having high blood pressure. That really set me back on my heels so I had decided to find an effective way to quit. Quitkey helped me. Now five years later I am an avid anti-smoker from having been a two pack a day smoker. So after 20 years, Quitkey broke the habit for me."    Joy Paredo - Alberta, Canada

"I started smoking when I was about 12, which was about 40 years ago. I got up to about 2 packs a day and hung in there up until two years ago. Everybody's happy that I stopped smoking. I feel like I did good, I'm proud of myself. I'm stunned by how effective this thing was. The thing that sticks with me most -- that I really smoked for a very long time [but] with this product I really stopped smoking. I mean, I truly do not smoke anymore. I wish that this kind of thing had existed years before. I didn't need to be hung up on cigarettes for such a long time. If you want to stop smoking, you can stop smoking, just get this product and you'll stop smoking. I absolutely believe Quitkey is a wonderful product."   Arnie Moses - Reston, Virginia

"Going through Quitkey I didn't gain weight. I lost weight. I lost about 15 lbs., which I was kind of surprised about. It feels real good. It's a nice feeling to wake up in the morning and be able to breathe, to run and not have any shortness of breath. Quitkey was a major part of me getting back on the road to good health. I feel like I've been given a second chance. Most people find it is very hard to quit smoking. I found it quite easy. The last cigarette I smoked was on November 15, 1988. That was the day I took those chains and threw them away. I no longer needed them. I'm back in control."   Allen J. Falk - Lincoln, Nebraska

"I ordered my Quitkey four years ago and 27 days after I received it I quit smoking. I can't believe I haven't smoked in four years. It was UNBELIEVABLE. I basically feel I have absolutely no willpower at all and this made quitting really easy. I never cheated and went by the program. My family was amazed. I read your suggestions and followed them. I believe this is the way to quit. I have never written a company about a product before but I felt this was important. Thanks for your help!!!!"   Loresa Duncan - El Dorado, Kansas

"I have tried to quit smoking numerous times before, with various other methods but had been unsuccessful each time and was beginning to think I was stuck with this habit for life. Then one night around midnight, I was having trouble sleeping so I turned on the TV and there you were, telling me to order this little computer that would change my life. I imagine you get a lot of letters like this so I won't belabor the point, but I want to sincerely thank you for supplying me with the means to overcome my addiction; it really has changed my life. In fact, Quitkey has helped two other people I know do the same. Quitkey works, and I hope this will help you continue to promote health across the continent."   Christine Fichter - Alta, Canada

"My dad has smoked since he was about 14 years old. He is now 73. My mother has such a hard time with the smoke that she has been sick with it. About 2 years ago in November at about 2:00am when I couldn't sleep I turned on the TV and ordered Quitkey for my dad for Christmas. My dad was so pleased that I cared so much to give him such a gift. In February he started the program and when the time was up, he had quit. Our family is so thankful, my mothers health is better and for sure so is dads. We even tell him how good he smells now that there is no smoke around him. He is proud of his success and thanks to God for showing me the 2:00am TV show and Quitkey! Our family is much healthier."    Brenda King - Long Island, New York

"My older daughter came home from school one day and said 'Daddy it makes me sad when you smoke.' I felt guilty but I just couldn't stop. Then I found Quitkey and it helped me quit. Now my daughters are happy and I feel proud."    Robert Walls - Reston, Virginia

" I used this and on the second try made it. A rough go, but for me your system worked. There is no easy way, but yours is intelligent and honest. I still have my last butt dated 9/24/90."   Helen Joy - Vista, California

"Thanks to Quitkey, I am now approaching four full years of non-smoking! I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to Quitkey. It works. I also want to thank your organization - when I got my first machine, I dropped it by accident. You replaced it immediately at no cost, and then I began my usage which was successful in just thirty days after 26 years of smoking!"   Steve Sohus - Agoura, California

"I have been meaning to write you for awhile now but kept putting it off. You see I sent for and received your Quitkey program in 1992, followed it faithfully for 23 days, the last day that little tune played. I had two cigarettes left, threw them away, and never had a cigarette since. It will be three years this coming October 8. I had been smoking for almost fifty years and had no problem quitting. I want to thank you so very much. I am very proud of myself thanks to you."   Debra Corkin - Tweed, Ontario

"I recently received your renewal offer for a Quitkey monitor at a special price. Thanks for the offer, and I am happy to say 'no thanks! I don't need it!' I had my last cigarette at noon, December 21, 1988. What the program did was to give me the support I needed. It did the thinking I couldn't do during withdrawal, and kept me on track, cutting back my nicotine level. Each hour was a 'crisis' but I made it thanks to your little computer. Thanks for helping me do something I had tried on my own to do for twenty years. I smoked two and one-half packs a day before I quit."   Barbara Piazza - Bossier City, Louisiana

"Just want you Quitkeyers to know - my wife and I both used Quitkey in July of 1988, and neither of us has had a cigarette since and we were diehard multiple pack a day smokers when we started Quitkey. I was a 3 pack a day smoker and Jill went through a pack to a pack and a half daily so you can see it wasn't a small thing to quit. I had tried self designed stuff with the predictable no success results. I tried Smokenders but that didn't last for long. But with Quitkey - well, it must have been time because we stuck with that little guy faithfully and came out the other end winners. If I were asked, I think I'd have to say Quitkey has given us two or three more years (as a minimum) of life and better health in all the years left to us. Don't stop your efforts!!!! Quitkey is far too meaningful and effective to not be available to those who are sincerely ready to quit"   R.W. Cox - Idaho Falls, Idaho

"I bought my Quitkey about 4 years ago after watching a paid TV program. It really works. The green booklet was very helpful. This program likely saved my life. Thank you very much."   Ron Hudspith - British Columbia, Canada

"Quitting was the most difficult thing I've ever done. The computer was like a guide - it provided the discipline I needed to stop. Quitkey not only saved my life, it made my life more enjoyable."
Kathy Jackson - Reston, Virginia

"It has now been 5 years since my last cigarette! Officially, I stopped smoking December 22, 1990. The following February, I was involved in a minor traffic mishap and, since I had my two young grandchildren in the car, I was more shaken up mentally than physically. When we finally got to their home, I reached for their mother's cigarettes, lit and smoked one, stubbed it out half way through and apologized to her for wasting it. It did nothing for me, no high, nothing! I guess I was finally finished. Thank you for bringing this product into being! I found it painless and effective, even though I went through 2 computers to do it. By the way, I am now 65 years old. My smoking habit began when I was 17."   Lillian Williams - Ontario, Canada

"I had been smoking for 21 years, which I started at the age of 14 years old and again at the age of 35 in 1991 after I had returned from the Desert Shield/Desert Storm War. My wife had already quit, but after a month of trying to get me to quit, she gave up. On a Saturday afternoon in May 1991, I was sitting on the couch watching T.V. and saw your advertisement, which I called to order the Quitkey Kit. I start as soon as I received it. And my last cigarette was 24 July 1991. Again I would like to thank you for a product that helped me improve my life!"   Joe Alonso - Westwood, New Jersey

"I am so happy to report that using the Quitkey program, I have not smoked since June 4, 1990. I had been a constant smoker for over fifty years. My whole family is so happy about these results. Thank you."   Margorie Lohmeyer Smith - Mission, Kansas

"I am very happy to see your site on the web. For 26 years, I was a heavy smoker. I wanted to quit but couldn't. Finally one day in 1990, I was watching a TV commercial and saw your advertisement, on a great way to quit smoking. I felt that finally I had found the answer to my problem. I ordered your product and I can say proudly, that as of May 12, 1990 I became a non-smoker. I have not wanted to smoke since that wonderful day. Thank you Quitkey, for giving me my life back."   Cynthia Mercado


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