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What To Do When You’re Sick Of Smoking, Chewing, Or Dipping.

If You’re Sick Of

1. Coughing all the time.
2. Smelling like an ashtray.
3. Spending your money on cigarettes.
4. People hassling you about smoking.It's Quitting Time!
5. Hurting your health.
6. Cigarettes screwing up your life...

ou're Ready to Quit!

Hint: Quitting chewing tobacco and snuff is a lot like stopping smoking. This booklet can help you if you want to quit using “spit” tobacco!

When you’re ready to quit, set a “quit date.” Tell everybody when you’re going to stop smoking.

The Day You Quit

1. Throw away all your cigarettes, lighters, and ashtrays.

2. You will feel the urge to smoke, but it usually passes in 2–3 minutes. When you feel the urge, do something else. Take deep breaths and let them out slowly. Drink a glass of water.

3. Carry things to put in your mouth, like gum, hard candy or toothpicks.

4. Keep busy: Go to the movies, ride your bike, walk the dog, play video games, call a friend.

5. Go to places where you’re not allowed to smoke, like the movies or the mall.

An image of a lady displaying an ashtray with cigarettes in it.The First Few Days


1. The first few days after you quit, don’t hang around people and places where you used to smoke. If your family or friends smoke, ask them not to

smoke around you
offer you cigarettes
leave cigarettes where you can find them
tease you about not smoking.

2. Turn your room into a "no smoking zone," especially if your family smokes.

3. Spend a lot of time in places where you’re not allowed to smoke.

4. Drink lots of water and fruit juice, but don’t drink anything with caffeine in it, like soda, coffee, or tea.



The Crazies

When you quit smoking, you may have to put up with some stuff like bad nerves and crabbiness for awhile. That’s because tobacco contains nicotine — a drug — and smokers get hooked on nicotine. When you quit, your body craves nicotine and you feel withdrawal symptoms: the Crazies.

How Bad Will it Be??Image of a Skate Boarder.

The Crazies usually last for 1–2 weeks after you quit. After that, your body begins to forget about nicotine and you start feeling better. For some people — like heavy smokers — the Crazies may be tougher and last longer.

Even after the Crazies are gone, there will be times you’ll still want to smoke. That’s because nicotine is a powerful addiction. Even after you quit, you can get hooked again with just a few cigarettes. The only way to be safe is to become a nonsmoker — for good.


How Do I Handle It?

Here’s what to do when the Crazies hit.

GROUCHY, NERVOUS: Exercise.Walk the dog. Keep busy.

HEADACHES, DIZZINESS: Take deep breaths. Exercise.

TIRED: Take naps and get plenty of rest.

DRY MOUTH, SORE THROAT: Drink cold water or juice. Chew gum.

THE BLUES: You may get really depressed and feel like crying. These feelings will pass. Until they do, call a friend or someone else who understands.

PIGGING OUT: When people quit smoking, they need something else to do, so they eat. If you don’t want to gain weight, try these things:

  • Eat regular meals. Don’t just eat whatever or whenever you feel like it.

  • Don’t eat lots of candy and sweet stuff. Try sugarless gum, fresh fruit, popcorn, and vegetable sticks.

  • Drink extra water, especially at meals.

  • Keep active — take walks, shoot baskets, ride your bike.

The Crazies are a pain, but they only last a little while. And they’re better than dying from something like lung cancer or a heart attack. Even if smoking doesn’t kill you, it’ll probably make you sick with emphysema or other diseases.


I Got It Beat !

Lots of people quit smoking for a few days, but it’s harder to stay off cigarettes for good. Remember, lots of other people have quit, and you can too!

Here’s what you need to do to really beat smoking.

Image of a Boy listening to a CD he just purchased.1. Don’t pull the triggers. All smokers have "triggers," certain times and places that make them want to smoke. For you, it may be leaving school or hanging out with friends. Learn what your smoking triggers are and try to avoid them. Or figure out how to get through them without smoking.

2. Plan ways to handle stress. When you get stressed, you may want to reach for a cigarette. Think of things you can do instead of smoking when stress hits — like chewing gum or taking deep breaths.

3. If you blow it, try again. All smokers have trouble quitting, and most of them will blow it and smoke once in a while. Some people have to quit several times before they stop for good. If you blow it, you’re not a failure. Quit again!

4. Pat yourself on the back. When you quit, you’re doing something great and you deserve a reward! Treat yourself to a movie or a new CD or something else — and pay for it with the money you used to spend on cigarettes.

If you try all the tips listed here and are still having trouble quitting, talk to your doctor about whether using nicotine gum or the patch would be right for you.

Remember: Quitting chewing tobacco and snuff can be tough, too. Follow the steps in this booklet to kick “spit” tobacco!


Who Ya Gonna Call?

Sometimes it’s easier to quit when you have help. If you want help, talk to your guidance counselor or school nurse, your family doctor, or someone who has already quit smoking, like a friend or family member.

For more information, contact:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
1-800-CDC-1311 •

Cancer Information Service • 1-800-4-CANCER

Local Chapters of your American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, and American Lung Association

Surgeon Generals Warning - Smoking Causes Lung Cancer, Heart Disease, Emphysema, and May Complicate Pregnancy.

This booklet was developed by the Anne Arundel County Department of Health in Annapolis, Maryland, and is brought to by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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