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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about
The Quitkey "Smoking Cessation Program"


Will I gain weight?

Nicotine changes your metabolism, the rate at which your body burns calories, so quitting actually changes your metabolism back to "normal." If you are concerned about weight gain, simply try to limit your intake of high fat food and increase your activity level. Light exercise, e.g. walking, will not only help prevent weight gain but will help you deal more effectively with stress. Try taking a short brisk walk during the times when you used to enjoy a tobacco break.

What if I have finished the entire program, all three stages, and somehow I start smoking again?

It is not easy to quit smoking. Some people do need a second chance. You also might like to know that for most people, quitting smoking is like learning to ride a bike. You don't just hop on and ride like a champion. It takes a little practice. Most people try to quit smoking at least once before they quit for good. You just had your practice. So try again, the important thing is not to view each attempt as success or failure, rather as one more step on the path to success.

What if I cheat?

The process of quitting tobacco involves learning how to cope with the inevitable urges. When the urge comes try one of the following techniques; Drink a glass of water. Call a friend. Take a walk. Your likelihood of success is much greater if you follow the program Quitkey has made for you. If you absolutely can't wait for the next prompt, be sure to press the SMOKE button when you light up or put in a chew. Quitkey will take this into consideration and adjust the program if necessary.

What if I work, and can't just take a break when I am prompted?

Because most people work and cannot take tobacco breaks whenever they want, Quitkey has a built in mechanism that allows your program to stop and wait for you. However, we do advise that you smoke or chew as close to the beep as you can and that when you do get a chance to smoke you should avoid making it a pleasurable activity. Don't combine smoking with drinking coffee, chatting with friends or talking on the phone.

How long does it take to get the nicotine out of my body?

The answer to this question depends on many factors, some of which are controllable by you. When withdrawing from a nicotine dependence, one should drink plenty of water to flush the toxins out of the body, eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and get regular exercise. This will hasten the removal of nicotine from the system.

Why is this a "program"? Are there other things I have to do besides using the computer?

The Quitkey computer is a fully integrated program that allows you to stop using tobacco gradually based on principles of behavior modification. In addition to following the computer as closely as possible, the Quitkey program guide is a 50 page booklet that gives helpful tips, information and motivation. It makes suggestions about how to deal with the psychological as well as physiological symptoms associated with quitting.

Here's why Quitkey is the best way to treat your tobacco addiction:

  • Gradual Self-Help: You break your habit at your own pace.
  • Personal: Your program is based on your habit.
  • Flexible: Adjusts if you have a bad day.
  • Scientifically Based: Combines the best nicotine withdrawal knowledge with behavior modification principles.
  • Convenient: Quitkey is credit card sized.
  • Free Support Hotline: Just pick up the phone to reach the Quitkey Support Staff.
  • Safe and Natural: Uses no drugs or gimmicks.
  • Proven: Clinically tested by major medical research institutions.
  • Pays for Itself: Costs less than two months' worth of cigarettes for the average smoker.

In 1989, LifeSign was chosen by Popular Science as one of the "100 Greatest Products and Achievements in Science and Technology."

To date over 1,000,000 people have used LifeSign successfully. .

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