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Public Service Announcement

water3.jpg (63729 bytes)"The Water Ballet," is a new public service announcement from the Federal Trade Commission on behalf of the Partnership for Healthy Weight Management. With more than 97 million U.S. adults overweight or obese, it is important to communicate that miracle cures for obesity simply do not exist. And, with more than $30 billion being spent on weight loss products and services each year, consumers should know that there are strategies and tools available to help them become healthier.

water1.jpg (68172 bytes)"Water Ballet" depicts six obese men and women performing synchronized swimming to the music of Strauss. The positive, energetic, and empowering images are accompanied by a responsible message about the importance of setting realistic weight-loss goals and the benefits of a sustained modest weight loss. This compelling 30-second piece offers consumers beginning a weight-loss program a free brochure, Setting Goals for Weight Loss.

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Watch, listen or read to the 30-second Public Service Announcement for the Partnership for Healthy Weight Management.

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