Traditional Chinese Medicine

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  • Clinical Experiences

  • Herbal Formulas

  • Medicinal Herb Groups

  • Materia Medica

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Huang-ti su wen


Liu, Wan-su, fl. 1186
Huang-ti su wen hsuan ming fang lun: Chung k'an Su wen hsuan ming fang lun (An Advanced Book of Su wen with a Supplement of Prescriptions)
Kyoto, 1740. 5 vols.
NLM Call Number: OR 874


This text discusses the symptoms of the various diseases mentioned in Su wen (Questions and answers about living matter), supplemented with prescriptions. Su wen is one of the two books which make up Huang-ti Nei ching.


Chi, Hisai
Kimpi-Yoryaku Kokujikai (The golden chamber of treasures: prescriptions and formularies)
Edo, 1780.
NLM Call Number: MED 1108

Pen ts'ao kang mu

Li, Shih-chen, 1518-1593
Pen ts'ao kang mu: Chiao cheng Pen ts'ao kang mu (The Great Herbal)
Japan, 1672. 36 vols.
NLM Call Number: OR 681

Shen-nung pen ts'ao      Shen-nung pen ts'ao

Wang, Ang, b. 1615; Hu, Tsung-wen
Shen-nung pen ts'ao pei yao i fang ho pien (Herbal and Prescriptions)
China, 1740. 6 vols.
NLM Call Number: OR 224

The first volume of this work, shown here, includes drawings of herbs, minerals, and animals. The remaining volumes cover pharmacology and the therapeutic uses of the materia medica.

Shang han lun

Chang Chung-ching, fl. 168-196; Wang Shu-ho, 265-316; Lin l, fl. 1068-1078
Shang han lun: Chiao cheng Sung pan Shang han lun (Treatise on Colds and Fevers)
Nagoya, 1797.
NLM Call Number: OR 778

This work is a revised Song dynasty (960-1279 AD) version of Chang Chung-ching's Shang han lun.

Shang han ta pai

Ch'in Chih-chen, fl. 1706
Shang han ta pai (Elucidation of Shang han lun)
China, 1714.
NLM Call Number: OR 380

This work is a later interpretation of Chang Chung-ching's classic work on the diagnosis and treatment of cold and fever syndromes. The original author's name and the title of the book appear here on the title page

Honzo Wage Yakusei Zuko
     Honzo Wage Yakusei Zuko

Oe, Iken
Honzo Wage Yakusei Zuko (Medical Herbs)
Japan, 1697.
NLM Call Number: MED 148

A Japanese translation of Shen-nung pen ts'ao (Divine Husbandman's Materia Medica)

Geka hitsuyo

Omura, Ansei
Geka hitsuyo (Surgery Handbook)
Japan, 1684.
NLM Call Number: MED 412

Jushikyo      Jushikyo

Hua Shou, fl. 1360-1370
Jushikyo (The Routes of Fourteen Channels and Their Functions)
Kyoto, 1716.
NLM Call Number: 0R 851

Shown here is a description of 20 acupuncture points on the arm that are used to treat colon diseases. It is written in a sonnet style for easier memorization.

 Kikerabi kiroku

Matsuzawa, Kenshia
Kikerabi kiroku (Selected Case Reports of Surgical Operations)
Japan, 1818.
NLM Call Number: MED 347

These pages show the removal of tumor tissue from a patient's breast (right) and the pathological specimen (left). This manuscript describes the surgical procedures of the Hanaoka school, which used Chinese herbs as a general anesthetic.

Seishu Hanaoka (1760-1835), a Japanese pioneer in anesthesia, performed the first breast cancer surgery using herbal general anesthesia.

Gorui Shimpo Gorui Shimpo

Watanabe, Hidetomi
Gorui Shimpo (Studies in Acupuncture)
Tokyo, 1679. 5 vols.
NLM Call Number: MED 507

This page describes how acupuncture combined with herbs can treat all kinds of diseases, including those caused by parasites.

 Tong ui po kam

Ho Chun, 1546-1615
Tong ui po kam (Treasures of Eastern Medical Knowledge: Classified Book of Medicine)
Korea, 1613. 25 vols.
NLM Call Number: OR 141

In this work originally published in 1611, the renowned Korean medical doctor Ho Chun compiled and classified the extant medical knowledge of China, Japan, and Korea. Some of the categories he used were internal environment, external appearances of the human body, miscellaneous diseases, fluid medicine, and acupuncture.

I hsien t'u tsan

I hsien t'u tsan (Pictures of Famous Men of the Medical Profession)
China, 1599?
NLM Call Number: OR 414

This volume is comprised of 32 illustrations of famous medical men, each accompanied by an admiring poem. Shown on the right side is Chang Chung-ching.


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