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 The gradual way to quit smoking permanently.

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You'll enjoy these unique high quality CD ROM's of Health Information. They're used by professional practitioners and consumers worldwide.  Each title has been completely researched and represents some of the finest references for home and office! For more information, simply click in the blue link next to each picture.


Diet And Nutrition Software. Lose Weight Easily and Effectively Santé - Diet, Exercise, Cookbook, Weight Control How to get and keep the healthy body you deserve!

Weight loss Articles

Heral remedies software The Herbalist by David Hoffmann The encyclopedia of western herbal medicine. 

 Herbalist Articles



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Chinese Medicine Traditional Chinese Medicine and Pharmacology Eastern herbal medicine and traditional theory.

Chinese Medicine Articles

Accupunture Software

   The Complete Acupuncture CD-ROM


Acupuncture Articles

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Natural Health Encyclopedia by Dia Spriggs Help Maintain Your Health Through The Natural Use Of Herbs, Vitamins/Minerals,Amino Acids And Other Substances.

Health Topic Articles



Essentials of Homeopathy by Dr. Bradley W. Kuhns The definitive source of homeopathic art and knowledge. 



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